Chairmen Message

At the Barnamala Communication Ltd. we believe that primary responsibility of a company is to create value. In the short, medium and long-term. So we do not dissociate value-creation from the development and real experience of the values. Our values, which shape our corporate mission, include Humanity, Merit, Entrepreneurship and Citizenship.

It has been extensively shown in recent times that ignoring the social and environmental impacts of a company’s activity can also be bad for business. In fact, when any company is no longer prepared to answer for its actions and the impacts of its decisions, it is no longer responsible.

I believe that the reputation and survival of companies in the 21st century are not only purely determined by market principles, but also by the social acceptance that they earn.

I believe that in an increasingly globalized world, no-one is excused from contributing towards the development of the Common Good and that, as a major player, we must be aware that profit must also be the result of responsible conduct, focused on generating more wealth, greater prosperity and more sustainability for the largest possible number of people.

Our history of more 7 years’ of activity says a great deal about the responsible way in which we carry out our businesses and the medium and long-term vision which we incorporate into the decisions we take throughout the value chain.

At the Barnamala Communication Ltd. we seek a balance between the necessary economic prosperity and an active contribution towards social and economic development in the regions where we do business.

Because companies are not islands that can survive independently from what is around them. Along with being able to listen, respond to and surprise the consumer, along with an excellent operational and financial performance, relations with the various affected and interested parties in an organization’s activity are determining factors for its long-term competitiveness and success.

And the Barnamala Communication Ltd. is in the business to stay and to create history of growth and of truly making prosperity!